Sunday, October 19, 2008

UHU Glue Roller

I have a few people ask me what kind of adhesives I use for scrapbooking. I use fabri-tac (my favorite), double sided tapes, Tombow Adhesive Glue, and UHU glue roller (pictured on the left).

If you haven't tried the UHU glue roller, you should. They have permanent and non-permanent ones. It has micro-dot glue pattern, which gives a clean break without the stringing effect, and it dries quickly. I often use it on those mini Quickutz die-cuts.

I think they sell it at Michael's for $6.99 (find a coupon), but you can do a search online and get it cheaper. I just bought a bunch (11 of them) for $29.00, that's with S&H on ebay. Give it a try.

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